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An increasing number of vehicles on roads and in parking areas demands effective solutions for the safety and ease of transport for all. 

G&H Rubber Supply Co. offers better solutions. 

Whether you call them parking blocks, parking curbs, wheel stops, bumper blocks or something else, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Our recycled rubber parking curbs, as well as our speed bumps and speed humps, offer a superior alternative to traditional and other materials for your parking area and traffic safety issues. Being molded from recycled rubber not only provides a cost effective, environmentally friendly product, but saves considerable time and money due to ease of installation, durablity and long life; not to mention their aesthetic value.

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For more than 15 years G&H Rubber Supply Company has continued to grow as distributor of recycled rubber products for traffic safety and parking applications. We believe in cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions for the benefit and safety of all. We offer superior products at a fair price coupled with personal service for every client.

 Our Products Include:

Speed Humps & Bumps

Easy Rider speed bumps are the smarter solution for traffic control, where reducing speeds to less than 10mph is necessary. Being highly visible, their cats’ eyes reflectors and embedded reflective tape delineate an area for caution and safety

Parking Stops

Parking blocks, wheel stops, parking curbs, bumper blocks, curb stops, car stops … by whatever name you know them, the recycled rubber  Park-It is a superior alternative to traditional and other materials.

Flex-Post Delineators

Durable with spring back action. Rubber base attached with 4 heavy duty springs.Reflective sleeves for added visibility and safety.

Infrastructure Portection

Valve Saver adjustment system is an excellent alternative to steel riser rings, or “paving rings,” when adjusting water and gas valves to grade. 

300 Million

Tires are thrown out every year.

Help the planet by putting them back to good use.

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