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We Train the elite.

Global Crew Prestige by Dafne Isasi is a Corporate Flight Attendant training service program from Paris that provides the highest quality training, with a touch of French elegance and
sophistication, required to be successful in the corporate aviation industry worldwide.

We invite you to enroll in the UNIQUE and FIRST European-style training program in the U.S.A. to prepare to be the best in your career as a Corporate Flight Attendant to meet the high standard of the international elite.


Over 10 years of experience in Corporate Aviation in Europe and U.S.A.

The founder Dafne Isasi was born in Argentina and grew up in France. She is fluent in 3 languages and has a Bachelor in Culinary Arts and Services from the French Auguste Escoffier School and an In- Flight Safety & security Certification from the French Civil Aviation and U.S.A .

Dafne Isasi has worked with the most exclusive private jet companies in Europe and U.S.A as a Chief Flight Attendant, Consultant, Flight Coordinator as well as in Aircraft Sales and Acquisition. In 2012, she forged her own company School-Jet in Paris, FR that rose to great success with training corporate flight attendants worldwide.

Her unique international experience lead her to open her company Global Crew Prestige in the US offering her extensive expertise directly from European and American Standard. She shares her Corporate European and American training Philosophies in her unique Flight  Attendant program in the USA.


Dafne is convinced that with exceptional training, motivation, and passion, everyone can be successful in this industry as long as you believe.

Global Crew Prestige by the Numbers








OUR PROGRAM  3 Day Training Program

1. The Business Aviation World

• Roles and dedication needed as a flight attendant
• Development of customer loyalty

2. Preparation for a Mission

• Catering budget and organization
• How to prepare a Menu
• PAX info or not
• How to prepare an aircraft Galley/Cabin
• Pre-Flight and In-Flight procedures
• How to work with diverse service providers
• Applying solutions worldwide

3. Flight Requirements

  • Attitude
  • Catering
  • How to adapt and manage the flight in all situations
  • Body language
  • Protocol
  • Different cultures
  • Good manners
  • Interacting with clients